Finding Balance: A Family Journey

If your family is anything like mine, it seems like we’re always running around on the go from one commitment to another. When it comes to dinner, it’s so easy to run through a drive thru, order pizza, or eat “junk” (as my kiddos call it…and “junk” is their favorite food). Just the thought of coordinating a homemade dinner and having it on the table each night is often completely overwhelming. I get it! I get not having the time, not knowing what to make, being stuck in a rut, feeling overwhelmed, and not wanting to deal with the complaints of the littles (and some bigs, too). Your fears are justified! But…you knew it was coming…I’m a big fan of connecting as a family for dinner. Eating at h

5 Baby Steps to Big Results

I’m a firm believer that baby steps = big results. Check out these 5 baby steps that can start you on your way to achieving improved overall health! Each of these steps is geared towards helping you learn your food in order to achieve “balanced” eating. By “balanced” I likely mean something different than what you’re thinking – when I say “balanced” I mean a healthy mix of protein/carbs/fat that you find enjoyable and sustainable for the long haul. In the real world this involves a “balance” of real foods or whole foods and prepackaged convenience foods/dining out. Here we go! STEP 1: SLOW DOWN The first step to adopting healthier habits around food involves making the choice to change. Pay

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