The Truth About Losing Weight: It Isn’t Easy

I wish I had some magical secret plan that would help all of my clients be successful and reach their goals in 90 days. Rest assured, I do not. So if you’re reading this post looking for a quick fix for weight loss, you’re looking at the wrong blog post. You see, my focus as a nutrition coach is largely on building healthier habits around food and eating. It’s not about cutting out entire food groups or eliminating certain “bad” foods. It’s about learning your food and beginning to form a base knowledge of what balanced and “healthy” eating looks and feels like for you. To be honest, the most important piece needed to achieve lasting weight loss is determination and persistence. See, I told

What's the deal with macros?

There's been lots of chatter about macros lately. Counting macros, eating to macros, "if it fits your macros" - if you want to

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