Ditch the Diet Plan

Nearly every client asks me, “What should I eat?” Even non-clients ask me to just tell them what to eat. The second most commonly asked question is a variation of this question – “Will you write me a meal plan?” If only it were that simple. I could tell you what to eat and I could write you a meal plan with what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it, but what happens when you’ve reached your weight loss goals? Are you going to pay someone to write you a meal plan forever? Not likely. Why? Because meal plans mean eating at home. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t eat at home for every meal nor do I want to! The difference between diet plans and nutrition coaching is simple: diet pla

It’s Time for Truth: Stop Dieting & Start Eating

You likely don’t know how to eat. It’s true. Who can blame you? There are so many conflicting messages about how and what we should eat that it’s nearly impossible to find one thing that works long term. Paleo? It’s great. It’ll change your body for a while but then results will taper and you’ll start to gain again. Why? Your body will adjust to the high fat levels of a Paleo diet with the restriction of carbs for long periods of time and progress will stall. Whole 30? Great program! The whole premise is to eat whole foods systematically over 30 days. You’ll probably lose weight but your body won’t change in composition (meaning you’ll be smaller/lighter but not firmer/tighter). Carb restric

Food First

It’s common for people to try and out-exercise a bad diet. Come on, I bet you’ve done it! Head to the gym for a hour long cardio session or decide out of the blue to go out on a run...ok, jog...ok, waddle...um, fast-paced walk. We all think that burning more calories through exercise will make the scale move. And it might...or it might not. The thing with exercise is that its weight loss benefits are entirely tied to how much you’re eating. Not eating enough? You won’t lose weight. Eating too much? You won’t lose weight. This is why food comes first. Weight loss is all about balance. The balance between calories consumed and calories burned. If you don’t eat enough calories in a day to susta

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