Meet Jane

I've learned how to fuel my body appropriately given my activity levels and goals, and pay attention to how I feel when doing so.

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Her story...

I had received nutrition guidance at a previous gym, but the messages felt unbalanced and didn’t support my fitness goals. A friend from my current gym recommended Rachel, who had helped her understand how to fuel her body well for the level and kinds of physical activity we both engage in. 


Rachel is positive, knowledgeable, encouraging, and has a unique knowledge base that includes both fitness and nutrition training. She incorporates these strengths to provide a holistic approach to health. Rachel encourages others to be compassionate towards themselves as they work toward their own individualized goals. Working with Rachel reinforces concepts of balance - fueling for physical activity as well as based on Intuitive cues like hunger/satiety, energy levels, food preferences and sensitivities, etc. She is also a great resource for sharing healthy and delicious recipes!


Working with Rachel has been great! She works to understand your unique needs and goals, and meets you where you are at. She incorporates the science of nutrition and fitness, the concepts of coaching, and the psychology of change to help clients work toward their goals.