Meet Jeni

I have lost 17 pounds since January 2016 and I have never felt as comfortable in my own skin as I do now.

Her story...

Hello!  My name is Jeni Cave and I am 25 years young!  I have been into fitness and “dieting” since I have been 18 years old.  Growing up I was always overweight and never did any physical activities in school like sports or exercise programs.  I was more of the Drama club and student council type of girl.  As I got older I started to become more aware of my body, become more insecure and uncomfortable in my own skin.  Something had to change.  I started running and researching diets such as the Special K diet, weight watchers, and the low/no carb diets.  Nothing was REALLY working. I would lose a pound or 5 then a week later gain it all back. By this time, I had done several races including 5K’s, half- marathons, and triathlons.  I lost a few pounds but nothing noticeable and I still felt uncomfortable in my own skin.  That’s when I turned to pretty much starving myself.  I hardly ate ANY carbs, ate less than 1,000 calories a day and did cardio like it was my full- time job.  I would run 6 miles almost every day and then bike on top of that, and then maybe even run later that night too.  I was going crazy, but I started to notice the numbers on the scale getting smaller and smaller.  So, I kept up with this as long as I could, until one day I stepped on the scale and I was 108 lbs with my winter boots on (coming from a girl who has a somewhat athletic built and is usually 130-150 lbs). My family and friends started noticing I was looking super skinny for being Jeni and was becoming obsessed with fitness and hardly eating.  I was exhausted all the time, cranky and weak.  I did not feel like myself what-so-ever.  So I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with an eating disorder and had severe hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) at the age of 21.   The last 4 years since having my eating disorder have been hard to say the least.  I have overcome it with amazing therapy, a BALANCED healthy diet, and strength training. In the beginning of recovery (first year or so) I gained quite a bit of weight back just trying to figure out my body all over again, working on not seeing food as an enemy and trying to balance my fitness.  Now I am a healthy 153 pound strong woman. I have lost 17 pounds since January and I have never felt as comfortable in my own skin as I do now.  Believe me this has NOT been easy and has taken so much hard work.  I have learned that fad diets and cardio do NOTHING.  With the help of some amazing trainers I now do strength training which has changed my body in ways I never knew it could change.  I am stronger, faster, and more lean than I have ever been.  You can actually see definition in my muscles now!!!  Along with strength training I count my macros DAILY!  This has been the BIGGEST change in my fitness journey.  Once I started paying attention to the amount and quality of food I put in my body, that was when I started seeing big and great results.  We are so unaware about what we eat and how it is affecting us.  I try to stick to whole and natural foods that meet my macro counts daily.  I meet my protein.  I meet my carbs.  And I meet my fat counts.  Even if I spoil myself with a little with of ice cream.  You have to be ALL in, not half ass in, but ALL in.  Meet those numbers daily and be consistent.  If you want change as much as I do you will give it everything you got.  Consistency and dedication are the key.