Meet Kent

...the #1 thing I can say I got out of it was results!

His story...

I originally reached out to Truth Nutrition Coaching because I needed assistance with healthy weight loss and the #1 thing I can say I got out of it was results! But also sound guidance and encouragement from Rachel.

Having Rachel on my side was very helpful. I learned a lot about the importance of hitting macros and the role good nutrition plays in weight gain and loss. Starving yourself does not work!

After 3 months with Truth Nutrition Coaching I had lost approximately 15 to 20 pounds. I felt better and had more energy. I felt very pleased with those results. I’m still working toward my ideal weight, and making steady, if slow, progress. Now I have a much better awareness of the food intake I need to keep the scale moving in the right direction.

If I were talking to friends who were considering joining Truth Nutrition Coaching, I would tell them it’s great having a coach to help you analyze your food intake and to receive pointers and encouragement to keep you going. You are worth it! What have you got to lose?