Meet Melissa

I feel so much better physically, but also so confident in the food I eat and why I eat it!

Her story...

Before I reached out to Rachel I was trying everything “right”- basically, what I’ve been taught in the medical field. I wanted a healthy lifestyle, but how I felt didn’t add up to what I was doing.

I knew I needed a plan of attack WITH accountability and Truth Nutrition Coaching was able to give me exactly that.

Having Rachel as a personal nutrition coach was THE. BEST! She knew my goals and could see the big picture which was vital for me to stay on task for the long term... steering me back if needed (or OFTEN, in my case! I love my bars!!), challenging me if needed, was an ear to bend when needed, and didn’t judge me for when I had gone off course and didn’t necessarily feel bad for it. Ha!

The main impact I noticed was a non-scale result - my IBS symptoms calmed down significantly…more than any other things I had tried in the past, including elimination diets, special diets, etc. Even my coworkers noticed less complaining! I didn’t ever think those results would have been a benefit of this journey.

No matter the goal, you can find it. You can also find things you didn’t even know you were looking for! For me, I found food confidence, sense of healthy control, support for my healthy lifestyle, and supportive friendship.

Going on this journey is so much easier when you’re in a group, like Truth Nutrition Coaching, of like-minded and KIND people that have great tips to help you along the way.