Meet Michelle

"In just a bit over 3 months I dropped 20 pounds and have actually enjoyed myself!"

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Her story...

The scale had slowly crept up as I just ate without paying much attention.  Exercise has always been central in my life – walking, various workout videos – and it always helped me maintain my weight (even if that weight wasn’t REALLY where I wanted to be).  But then I turned 40 (you know how they say everything starts to fall apart!)…  In 2017, my first mammogram resulted in a traumatic surgical biopsy (but with good results), I started having heart palpitations, joint pain from arthritis was hitting hard, and I was dealing with some personal struggles that had me mentally drained.  I saw my primary care doctor for all of these and also talked about my weight…it seemed to creep up under all of these stressors…  He told me that the only way I was going to lose weight was by changing my eating – exercise was very important and good for me, but it wasn’t going to drop the pounds.  This time I actually heard him.


Enter Truth Nutrition Coaching and Rachel:  I had come across Truth on Instagram through a friend who followed…and was intrigued.  I started following her posts and then I went to her website.  After some contemplation, I reached out to learn more.  Taking weekly pictures of myself was the most daunting part, but I decided to put my pride aside and give it a shot! 


I had done Weight Watchers Online multiple times and did lose weight, but never stuck with it well – the app frustrated me and since I wasn’t accountable to anyone but me, I just didn’t always log, and one day led to two and then a week…and I had just wasted that three-month commitment dollar amount.  In addition, the point system was fairly arbitrary to me – you get a good feel for how many points things are but you aren’t necessarily focusing on what that number means.  And the free food – like fruit, etc., I overdid!  No calories are free!


Rachel has taught me what Weight Watchers didn’t - the true math to what we eat!  I had NEVER focused on protein before and now that it is central to my day, things have changed.  My Fitness Pal is simple and easy to use and gives me no frustration! I weigh myself daily and that really keeps me on track and lets me know where I am, at the same time knowing it the number will fluctuate based on a myriad of factors.  The accountability to another person who is watching and listening (oh yes, she might just check in on you and call you out!) and most importantly, HAS BEEN THERE HERSELF, is invaluable!  In just a bit over 3 months I dropped 20 pounds and have actually enjoyed myself! Thank you, Rachel – we did it!