Good Intentions: The truth about why you're not losing weight


The most common weight-loss/fitness scenarios go something like this:

“I want to lose 10 pounds.”

This one is so common. You go on a diet. You restrict your calories. You’re successful at dropping 10 pounds! You rock! You start to eat again and the scale starts to creep back up. You’re confused and depressed. So you give up entirely and gain back 10+ pounds. And the cycle continues (the doom loop!).

“I need to change my eating. I need to lose 20 pounds. I’m going to do it in the next three months. I’ll cut out all processed foods and eat only whole foods for the next 90 days. I’ll meal prep and buy all organic. I’ll eat all meat and vegetables. I’ll go to the gym at least three early mornings a week to workout. It will be great!!”

You can relate, right? Then what happens? First, you go to the store to shop and come home with an entire cart full of food that you don’t typically eat, more than likely won’t enjoy, and it’s all probably labor intensive to prep. You might make it a week – if you’re lucky. With this scenario people typically last a day or two, get discouraged and end up wasting most of the food they bought because they don’t like it and just give up (while feeling defeated and sometimes even as far as “worthless” because they can’t eat the way they think they have to eat in order to change their body). And what happens when your alarm goes off at 4:30 am to make it to the gym? Snooze happens, that’s what.

“I need to make a change. I’m not happy in this body. I’m going to start eating better and exercising.”

This is a fairly common scenario. The problem with this scenario is that most of you don’t know what “eating better” should look like. You also may assume that going to the gym for 60 minutes and doing some cardio is the best way to help you reach your goals. The problem with this scenario is that you’ll change your eating and even make it to the gym but you won’t see the results you want. You’ll lose your momentum because you’re discouraged by your lack of progress.

“I need to lose weight. I’m going to try [insert the name of a fad diet here]. I’ve had friends that lost tons of weight and look great! I’m willing to pay [insert amount here] for this. I can do this!”

So you do it. And it works! But it only works while you’re doing it! When you go back to your “normal” life away from the little containers or tempted by foods that are no longer “off limits” you gain it all back. You feel discouraged and cheated. You know you can’t do [insert name of fad diet here] forever. It just isn’t realistic. Remember why the weight loss industry is so lucrative. It’s because people have to repeat their efforts over and over again. Long-term results seem so elusive!

“I want my body to change. I eat really healthy. I eat minimally processed foods. I consistently exercise 4-5 days per week. I lift weights and do high intensity conditioning but my body doesn’t look the way it should for the amount of work I put in. I know I have muscles they’re just not as defined as I’d like them to be. I just want my body to reflect my hard work! And I’d love to get stronger, too!”

This is so frustrating! You’re doing everything right and you’re very healthy! You just lack the knowledge on how to eat in a way that will fuel your body for composition change and performance. It’s not your fault. You eat healthy! You’re fit! You just might not look as fit as you should for the work you’re putting into being healthy.

Enter Truth Nutrition Coaching. My job is to teach you how to eat for your goals (lean out, build strength, maintain). You’ll learn your food – you’ll know what foods fuel you well and what foods don’t. You’ll have a prescription for eating that allows you the flexibility to eat the foods you enjoy while still making progress towards your goals. You’ll have the freedom to live your life, eat with friends, enjoy restaurants, and even have treats! You’ll be set free from dieting. You’ll be set free from discouragement and defeat. You’ll be set free from the doom loop. You’ll know your food. You’re the one making the decisions on what food to eat and when. You’ll know your goals. You’ll make progress. You’ll see results. You’ll feel confident.

I like to think of each person’s nutrition as a puzzle. I’ll can give you the outline and tell you how much space there is for protein, fat and carbs. The shape and number of pieces you use to fill that space depends on you. Every person will end up with a different and beautiful picture.

You’ll finally know how to eat. Flexible. Realistic. Results. Let’s forget the good intentions and make some real progress. Let’s do this!

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