Habits vs. Hobbies

We can all agree that habits and hobbies are different.

Habits are things we do without thinking or real intention because they’re just part of who we are or are things we’re supposed to do (like showering, getting dressed, brushing our teeth, applying deodorant, paying bills, etc.). We always have time for our habits. We don’t say things like, “I was too busy to brush my teeth today” or “I’m just not going to pay my bills this month. I’ve got too much on my plate.” Habits help keep us on track in life, and rarely produce happiness, but can be very satisfying because they can better position us to experience happiness and joy.

Hobbies are things we do because we find them enjoyable or think we should be doing them. We go to the gym, on walks or bike rides, buy healthy foods at the grocery store, sign up for yoga, and do things like order meal services online to attempt healthier eating. But hobbies are flexible. We often drop our hobbies when we feel stressed or overwhelmed by busyness. We will also be tempted to replace our healthy habits with other social activities we enjoy. For instance, if we find our healthy hobbies competing with our chance for social interaction or down time, including things like going out for dinner, catching happy hour, hanging out with friends, or even watching a favorite show or movie.

Nutrition coaching is designed to help you establish new healthy habits around food and overall health. When it comes to weight loss and “healthy” eating, the options are overwhelming! Whole 30, Beachbody, Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, wraps, detoxes, and so many other methods all claiming amazing results if you commit for a certain period. This is not what you get with nutrition coaching. At Truth Nutrition Coaching, I work one-on-one with you to learn about your goals, current eating habits, lifestyle, and expectations, and then we gradually work together as you learn to eat in a healthy balance suited to your specific needs, goals and lifestyle. It’s not magic. You likely won’t lose 30 pounds in 30 days. It’s not a quick fix. It’s not a diet or a fad. It’s an investment in learning your food and adopting sustainable approach to eating that will serve you for life. It’s about habit change. Dieting is a hobby. Balanced eating is a habit.

Through nutrition coaching and “learning your food” you discover what balanced eating looks and feels like, and you’re imprinting healthy habits that will become something you seek as opposed to something you have to do. During the early stages of “learning your food” it seems impossible to think that eating in balance will ever come naturally. I assure you that the hard work and practice you invest will produce habits that will serve you for a lifetime. During the early stages of “learning your food”, deliberate effort and consistency are required in practicing balanced eating. It’s important to try not to let external factors impact your ability and focus on developing the healthy habit of balanced eating. The process is worth the outcome. When you feel strong, confident, and healthy, you’re truly set free from all those emotions that food can cause us to feel – guilt, shame, anxiety, fear, insecurity, regret.

Are you ready to “be set free” from yo-yo dieting, from restriction and rules, to stop dieting and start eating? I’d love to help you learn your food and be set free! Let’s start working to make balanced eating a habit. Resolve to be a healthier you in 2018!

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