It’s Time for Truth: Stop Dieting & Start Eating

You likely don’t know how to eat. It’s true. Who can blame you? There are so many conflicting messages about how and what we should eat that it’s nearly impossible to find one thing that works long term.

  • Paleo? It’s great. It’ll change your body for a while but then results will taper and you’ll start to gain again. Why? Your body will adjust to the high fat levels of a Paleo diet with the restriction of carbs for long periods of time and progress will stall.

  • Whole 30? Great program! The whole premise is to eat whole foods systematically over 30 days. You’ll probably lose weight but your body won’t change in composition (meaning you’ll be smaller/lighter but not firmer/tighter).

  • Carb restriction? Well, this is one I just don’t get (but have fallen victim to in the past). Carbs don’t make you fat. Don’t get me wrong - consuming tons of carbs coupled with marginal amounts of protein will make you fluffy and inflamed. But your body needs carbs in order to work efficiently and effectively.

  • Keto? It just isn’t sustainable for the majority of the population. And achieving a true ketogenic state is pretty tough. These are currently the most popular eating trends. Again, these aren’t bad. They just aren’t optimal. And they’re difficult because they teach restriction! It’s hard to maintain any of these lifestyles successfully for the long term.

I believe in balance. I believe that eating should be enjoyed and I give you a plan that accommodates for real life! The body performs and burns its fuel optimally if you eat at prescribed protein, carb and fat levels specifically set for you. That’s why I promise results in three months. If you meet your assigned macronutrient goals, I promise you’ll burn fat and/or work to build/maintain lean muscle. When you start with Truth Nutrition Coaching, I’ll set your personalized goals based on the important information you provide in your intake form. Once these levels/goals are set, your job is to meet those goals. How you do that is far less important than just doing it. Want fries? Eat fries. Just make sure they “fit” your prescribed goals. You don’t count calories. I don’t tell you what you can and cannot eat. The food you eat is up to you. Is eating “real food” preferable? Absolutely! We all know eating real food is best. The fact of the matter is that sometimes we just don’t want real food or we’re busy shuffling kids to and from practices, staying at work late for meetings, or fail to plan and have to eat on the go. It happens. It’s life. Working with Truth will allow you to learn your food so you’re able to navigate through the busyness of life in a way that will support your nutrition/weight loss goals.

I'm a fan of keeping things simple. Setting tangible goals for my clients to work towards has proven the most effective way of empowering them to learn how to eat (not how to diet), lose weight, and improve their overall health and well-being. You need a nutrition coach to learn how to eat. If you’re honest and eat to the personalized goals I set for you, you’ll get results. That’s my guarantee. It’s time for Truth.

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