Truth: Weight Loss Requires Work

It’s not uncommon for clients come to me expecting something magical and after a couple weeks of the scale not moving they start to question whether this “plan” will work for them. What they initially fail to realize is that this “plan” or whatever “plan” you choose to achieve weight loss requires habit change, consistency, and intentionality. They seem to think that because they’ve signed up for coaching that they’ll magically lose weight. So they’re not addressing habits, they’re simply trying to add in extra “good” foods without focusing on the most important pieces: caloric intake and balance. Sure, you can achieve weight loss in a short time utilizing strict restriction of the types of calories you eat, but maintaining that weight loss is a different story. If you return to old habits, the weight will return. Regardless of the approach to eating that you choose, habit change, consistency, and intentionality are the secrets to sustained weight loss.

The approach that I find the least restrictive and most sustainable for the long haul is learning your food through eating to specific (individualized) protein, carb, fat and fiber goals (“macro counting”). One of the things that I love about macro counting is that you’re actually learning how to eat as opposed to learning how to diet. A good nutrition coach will encourage you to eat wholesome foods that improve your overall health. But a good nutrition coach also realizes that achievable is much more realistic than ideal. So a good coach should encourage you to find a balance between wholesome and healthy and real life. I truly believe that balance is the healthiest approach because it’s realistic. Eating 100% whole foods all the time is not realistic. Life involves french fries, cheeseburgers, donuts, pizza, ice cream, and birthday cake. If it didn’t we wouldn’t need weight loss tools! Learning how to eat those things while achieving balance (learning your food) is what makes this approach to eating different.

There’s no secret to setting these goals. You can google search “macro calculator” and find some baseline goals. But a nutrition coach will be able to factor into your goals what a calculator cannot (like what you’re currently eating and what your specific goals are), which can make initial goals more achievable and likely will result in weight loss faster than a calculator. But getting the actual goals is the easy part. If you’re a very determined and focused person that has hit the point of willingness to achieve your goals, the online macro calculator is a great place to start.

Most of my clients come to me overwhelmed, discouraged, confused, and overly busy. The longer I coach the more I realize that while people think they’re signing up for help with their food choices, they actually come for help with habit change and accountability. My clients tend to have amazing results because they’re being coached on habit change and well supported on each step of their journey. They’re being encouraged to learn their food while incorporating foods they love in a balanced way. They’re changing their eating habits and learning how to enjoy foods without “good” and “bad” labels. They’re being held accountable to the goals they set, and learning how to take necessary steps to achieve their goals. Because as they say, “a goal without a plan is just a wish.” They’re being educated, encouraged, and inspired by sharing their journey with others on the same journey!

If you’re tired of the dieting doom loop and re-losing the same 10+ pounds over and over again, it’s time to look at your habits. If you feel overwhelmed or need some help getting started, shoot me an email. I’d love to help!

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