Thanksgiving: Top 5 Dos & Don'ts

It's so easy to love everything about Thanksgiving...especially the food! Here are my top 5 tips for achieving a more balanced Thanksgiving this year.

Do eat something prior to your main Thanksgiving meal. Eat some lean protein prior to your main thanksgiving meal. It can be something like a salad with grilled chicken or lean steak or even something simple like a protein shake or smoothie. Just eat something that is lower in carbs/fat.

Don’t show up ravenous! If you show up super hungry you’re more likely to graze prior to the meal and over eat during the meal.

Do set goals for alcohol intake. Trust me, you’ll have just as much fun keeping your alcohol intake to 1-3 beverages and you won’t be miserable on Friday.

Don’t justify drinking more just because it’s a holiday! When you drink you’re more likely to over eat you’ll feel terrible on Friday.

Do fill your plate with turkey breast and veggies first! If you buffer your appetite by eating lean turkey and veggies first, then you’ll have less room for those more calorically dense favorites like dressing, potatoes, corn pudding, and casseroles!

Don’t get a little bit of everything on your plate first. It’s okay to sample things on your second trip (post protein/veggie). Just remember not to finish it if you don’t love it! There is no clean plater’s club!

Do enjoy dessert! Make a plan to enjoy your favorite Thanksgiving sweet treat. Whether that be pumpkin pie, pecan pie, or another holiday favorite. Choose only your favorite – or a half-portion of two favorites and stick with that! And remember, if you don’t love it, you don’t need to finish it!

Don’t overeat sweets! We tend to fill our plates with little tastes of all the desserts and eat all of them whether we love them or not. This year let's agree to not self-sabotage!

Do focus on the people more than the food. Enjoy conversations with friends and family. Ask questions, play games, be active outside! Thanksgiving is about connecting with loved ones!

Don’t focus mostly on the food by hanging out by the food table. It’s a recipe for disaster! You’re far more likely to graze and mindlessly eat if you’re hanging out right by all the food.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that centers around food and it’s possible to navigate through without gaining extra weight! Remember to eat mindfully, only eat what you LOVE, fill up on lean protein first, drink responsibly and focus on the people not the food! Show some thankfulness for that body of yours this Thanksgiving and treat it kindly!

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