Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re resolving to lead a healthier lifestyle in 2019, check out some of my favorite products and tools to help make the journey a bit easier!

1. BODY WEIGHT SCALE. Having a reliable body weight scale that also registers body fat is really helpful when it comes to tracking your progress.

This is the model I have at home:

I’ve also heard wonderful things about this scale:

2. AIR FRYER. My air fryer gets used multiple times per week! I love making chicken breasts, sweet potato fries (homemade), frozen fries (regular & sweet potato), fish, hamburgers, turkey burgers, meatballs, chicken nuggets & fish sticks for my kiddos, and reheating leftovers (it brings them back to life!). It’s become a staple in my kitchen!

This is the model I’ve used for the past year and loved:

3. FOOD SCALE. It might seem silly, but learning what real portions of foods look like – especially meat – will be very helpful when it comes to tracking your eating and achieving your weight loss goals!

This is my favorite model for home:

This is my favorite model for ON-THE-GO:

4. A BULLET MIXER. Use this to make protein smoothies, protein pancakes, even grind oats to make oat flour! My husband uses ours nearly every day.

5. COOKWARE. You’ll want to eat at home more so you can stay on track with your healthy lifestyle goals. I'm in love with this Italian cookware because it's nonstick and super easy to clean! Plus, it doesn't get the gross residue build up or let off fumes like traditional non-stick cookware.

6. GOOD KNIVES. Honestly, when prepping my meat for the week I always reach for my ceramic knives to half my chicken breasts and chop veggies, especially sweet potatoes (which are tough to cut)! If you’ve never tried ceramic knives, you’re missing out!

7. FLEXIBLE CUTTING BOARDS. I use mine on a daily basis. They’re so handy and they’re dishwasher safe!