Transformation /// Remi

"Rachel helped restore my confidence in not only my food, but myself as an athlete."

Remi's story . . .

I was in need of nutritional revamping after not getting the desired results I was looking for in May. I was also looking for the proper way to support my fitness goals and Rachel was more than willing to help me! I loved the level of individualized care and support that Rachel provides. She is extremely knowledgeable and wants to see you succeed.

I had never had a personal nutrition coach prior to these past 3 months and boy was I missing out. I loved the accountability piece. There was a perfect balance between checking in and letting me test out and monitor myself. I enjoyed the weekly check ins to help adjust as needed. Rachel made sure to take all areas into consideration: energy levels, sleep, stress, confidence with food, etc. Having a personal nutrition coach was like having a tour guide that let you learn along the way on your own but was there when needed to help you stay on track and answer questions. Rachel helped restore my confidence in not only my food, but myself as an athlete.

I’d honestly never consciously eaten 2,700-2,900 calories consistently for 3 months. But I trusted Rachel and her knowledge and that they would carry me to my goals. Weight loss wasn’t even my goal to begin with; in fact I was looking to simply be strong and achieve some small body composition changes. Did that happen? Yes. I lost about 1.6% body fat, gained 1.7 lb of muscle, and lost about 4 pounds in that span of 3 months.

Rachel's selfless attitude goes a very, very long way. All you have to do is trust her and do your part of the job and you’ll be cruising to your goals in no time! You won’t regret it. This experience will set you up for long term success and can help create some fantastic habits if you just listen and take what is given to you!

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