What I'm Eating This Week

Here's what we're having for dinner in the Hoover house this week! Make ‘em, tweak ‘em, or just let them inspire you to make a plan and eat at home!

*Note: These days are merely suggestions. LOL! I often mix them up but this is my initial thinking - just don't be surprised if you see the dishes on different days if you follow me on MFP.


Lean Mean Cheeseburgers

Corn on the cob


One Pot Peruvian Green Chicken & Rice

Spinach Salad w/cucumbers & tomatoes (balsamic drizzle)


Tacos (a request from my oldest son to have ongoing Taco Tuesday)

Mexican Slow Cooker Pulled Pork**

Grilled peppers and onions

Serve with hard & soft corn tortillas, lettuce, guacamole, salsa, and low fat sour cream

Black Beans w/steamed rice

**modification: I typically use a pork tenderloin or trim off the majority of the fat cap


Dinner out (typically MOD Pizza for my family – it’s a tradition!)


The World's Best Chicken

Sarah's Rice Pilaf

Romaine salad w/peppers, tomatoes & cucumbers


One Skillet Italian Sausage Pasta

Spinach salad w/tomatoes & balsamic


Baked Creamy Green Chile Beef Taquitos**

**Modifications: extra lean ground beef & low fat cream cheese

Mexican Corn Salad

Enjoy! I love feedback so let me know if you make a recipe!

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