Celebrating the people who transformed their bodies
and their lives with Truth Nutrition Coaching!

"It's so nice to have accountability when you're not feeling strong."

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"Overall, I’ve lost 14.5 inches, I’m down 8 lbs and 3% body fat in just 3 months!"

/// Melissa M.

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"All of my clothes are loose, my stomach is flat post-baby and I am so much more energetic."

/// Uzma H.

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"I actually feel like I’m eating more but still getting the results I want."

/// Becky M.

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"I feel so much better physically, but also so confident in the food I eat and why I eat it!"

/// Melissa H.

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"...the #1 thing I can say I got out of it was results!"

/// Kent G.

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"I wanted to be the best role model for my girls when it comes to food and nutrition."

/// Kylie H.

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"I knew I needed a plan of attack WITH accountability and Truth Nutrition Coaching was able to give me exactly that."

/// Lindy C.

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"Having a nutrition coach was what I was lacking on my weight loss journey."

/// Erin W.

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"I gained my confidence back, and learned long term sustainability for fueling my body for my activity level."

/// Kaylee H.

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"In just a bit over 3 months I dropped 20 pounds and have actually enjoyed myself!"

/// Michelle P.

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"I’ve lost 24 pounds and gained a new understanding of how to eat and enjoy the foods I love. It’s been a great journey!"

/// Hillary H.

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"I have tried several diets in the past, including weight watchers and have always had some success but didn't stick with the program long term."

/// Kayla V.

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“Working with Rachel was just what I needed to take my fitness journey to the next level.” 

/// Jodi K.

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"I started working with Rachel and lost those 10 pounds in just 10 weeks! I've gained my confidence back, my clothes fit, and I now know that when the time comes for baby number two I will be able to get back to where I am now!"

/// Emily E.

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"Last year, I spent three months working out 6 days a week, restricting my diet, and still could not lose an ounce. In my first 90-days with Rachel, I lost 17.2 pounds and 3% body fat!"

/// Emily L.

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"Within a few weeks of working with Rachel, I could feel the difference in my workouts and in my overall mood, and I could see the difference both in the scale and in the mirror. "

/// Beth B.

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