Meet Uzma

All of my clothes are loose, my stomach is flat post-baby and I am so much more energetic.


Her story...

I initially reached out because I had exercised hard for as long as I could remember and I got very close to my goals, but never quite there. I can be self-motivated when I really want to accomplish something but I need to have accountability. I love that Rachel is hands-on and can really hone in on my goals in an approachable yet very attainable way. After 2 babies back to back and dealing with hypothyroidism, I felt a little stuck and low on energy. I needed someone to pull me out of this unknown.

Probably the best thing I got out of Truth Nutrition Coaching was boundaries on how much I can eat. I like knowing I have a certain amount of macros and I can fill them as I want. Having a personal coach is like having someone who’s walking with you towards your goal. I felt like Rachel understood me and my life. She worked with me and cheered me along no matter how crazy my life got.

Thanks to Rachel I lost 10 pounds and almost 11 inches! I fit into my pre-baby pants and some ‘goal’ pants that I hadn’t expected to fit in so quickly! All of my clothes are loose, my stomach is flat post-baby and I am so much more energetic. I feel the best I’ve felt since I had kids. Most importantly, I don’t feel like my hypothyroidism is holding me back.

If you feel like you never quite reach your goals, talk to Rachel. Sometimes we can’t get to where we want to be alone, and having a professional to help can make a world of a difference. You also don’t have to be a workout junky for this to work. I do what I can when I can. I used to workout every day, sometimes twice a day. Now I’m learning to learn my body, listen to it and to get enough sleep. Sometimes that means I don’t work out as much as I like but that’s a goal I’m working towards.