What to


The TRUTH...
The core of Truth Nutrition Coaching is to set people free from misunderstanding their food. There are so many conflicting messages that it’s nearly impossible to go it alone. At Truth I will give you an eating game plan. You’ll know how much to eat and have accountability to meet those goals. By the end of your first 90 days, you’ll have a greater understanding of how to eat for your goals (weight loss, performance, body change).
Personalized Nutrition Plan
Remember, this is all about you! I will set personalized nutrition targets based on your goals. You'll complete an intake form that provides me with the info needed to set your initial goals. You'll be required to log your food in MyFitnessPal because it's the best way to "learn your food." Each week you submit a check-in report (yep, I need photos, too) and adjustments will be made as needed based on your progress. We'll tackle your eating in phases so you're not overwhelmed. Remember, you have access to me via email 24/7 and I promise to respond within a day! I'll encourage you and hold you accountable. I'll cheer you on and speak the hard truths when needed. I'll be your coach and your biggest fan!
Encouragement & Accountability
I can’t do the work for you. I wish we could share a magic pill that would make your goals a reality. I can’t. What I can do is guide and direct, encourage, support, cheer and celebrate you as you do the work.
It’s not easy. You don’t really expect it to be, right? You’ll have days you want to eat everything in your pantry. You’ll have times when you make a choice that derails you. It happens. Be truthful. Honesty isn’t optional. I’ve been there. I can’t help you if you hide it. The journey will be tough initially but you will succeed if you do the work. I promise!
Exercise Tips & Recommendations
What I've noticed is that people are pretty confused when it comes to what types of exercise offers the biggest body composition changes. Why run an hour on the treadmill if it doesn't align with your personal goals? This is where I can help! Based on your goals (as you outline in your intake form), I'll make exercise recommendations on how often and what types of workouts will get you to your goals the fastest. Know that I'm a CrossFit Level 1 coach so I'm a bit biased when it comes to exercise because I believe 100% in CrossFit so of course I'll recommend it! But if CrossFit isn't an option I'll suggest alternatives that will work with your life while helping you achieve your goals!
First-Hand Knowledge & Advice
I know you’re probably thinking that I’ve never struggled with weight or understand how you feel. Friend, let me assure you that I get it. Overweight? Yep, by over 70 pounds (and, no, I wasn’t pregnant). Underweight? Yep, by about 20 pounds. Skinny fat? Yep. I get it. I understand not wanting to attempt exercise until I lost enough weight to set foot in a gym. I get putting in a lot of work (think exercise, lifting weights) but still not seeing my body change. I get it. Frustration. Confusion. Disappointment. Ambivalence. Giving up. I get it. This is part of what makes me a great coach. Not only do I understand the science behind nutrition and how your body utilizes the food you eat but I understand the psychological aspect of being discontent, as well. I promise to steer you to success!